Hi, I’m Dr. Gaila and I help patients who suffer with belly pain, bloating, constipation and many other health conditions . I’m a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner, Board Certified Traditional Naturopath, Licensed Chiropractic Physician, finished all classes and hospital rotations for an M.D. degree and have an M.S. degree in Biology/Clinical Nutrition.

I live in San Diego with my wonderful husband and enjoy spending time with our 3 children and 6 grandchildren.

Conventional Medicine Did Not Have Any Answers For Me

My passion to help others can be traced back to my early childhood, when at age two, I underwent an unnecessary exploratory surgery to find the cause of my severe belly pain, bloating and constipation.

Throughout my adult live, I spent countless hours with my knees to my chest, crippled with pain and having to avoid or leave events. I saw many doctors and had numerous tests, and just like you, I was told that nothing was wrong with me – I needed to learn to live with it!

Do you feel like no one has truly understood your symptoms or taken the time to find the answers for you?

I can relate to your pain because I have experienced it.

My  Breakthrough

I spent years studying and practicing Natural Medicine and discovered that pain, bloating and constipation are usually due to inflammation.

I found that inflammation is often due to unrecognized, undiagnosed and untreated gut infections, imbalanced gut bacteria, toxins, food sensitivities, improper diet and nutritional deficiencies.

Once I discovered my untreated gut infections, identified my food sensitivities, properly balanced my gut bacteria and repaired my gut lining –  my symptoms disappeared and have not come back!

Gut Healing Takes A Comprehensive Approach

I’ve been in practice for 35 years and have helped over 100,000 patients uncover and resolve the root causes of their symptoms.

I can help you by discovering the root causes of your discomfort and get the relief you are looking for.

If you have inflammation in your digestive system, this can cause brain inflammation leading to headaches, anxiety or depression, skin inflammation leading to eczema or dermatitis, joint pain and many other painful conditions

I begin by obtaining a thorough history and ordering state of the art lab tests to correctly identify pathogens and other imbalances.

Conventional Medicine Frequently Misses the Root Causes of Bloating and Belly Pain

Conventional microscopic stool testing can be unreliable. If a lab tech cannot see a pathogen under a microscope, the test may falsely be ruled as normal.

I order state of the are DNA stool tests because DNA testing does not miss pathogens.  I have reviewed many false negative microscopic stool tests that revealed positive results on a DNA stool test.

I address food sensitivities, thoroughly eliminate gut infections and re-check to be sure the pathogens are gone, restore proper bacterial balance, repair the gut lining, address toxicity and resolve nutrient deficiencies to reduce the inflammation responsible for chronic bloating, belly pain and many other unresolved health problems.

Living with belly pain, bloating and constipation can be a nightmare ….. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

It’s frustrating, when,  after you’ve been through numerous evaluations and tests –  your doctor has told you “everything is normal and there is nothing wrong with you”.

The worst part of having chronic belly pain and bloating is that you’re afraid you’ll have a flare when you at an event and will have to leave.

Your friends and family don’t understand the pain and frustration you’re experiencing.

If you’ve been suffering with chronic belly pain, bloating, constipation or other unresolved health issues and can’t find an answer, I can help you find the root causes and resolve your pain.

I’ve been there myself and I know how you are feeling and what you’ve been through.

I know this can work for you because it did for me.

I look forward to helping you!