Could The Gut-Brain Connection Be The Cause Of Your Anxiety/Depression?

What Does Your Gut Have To Do With Your Mood? If you’re struggling with anxiety or depression, you know how devastating it is to your life. Being anxious and depressed may also be accompanied by physical symptoms such as gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea or heartburn. You’ve probably been told that your anxiety or depression is […]

Gut Healing Dinner In Less Than 12 Minutes

Need a quick and easy gut-healthy dinner recipe?? This easy to make avocado salmon salad is a gut-healing meal you’ll love. Are you tired and hungry at the end of the day??  I make this meal often because it is quick, easy and super healthful! Salmon is one of the most nutritious foods you can […]

What Leads to Poor Gut Health, Bloating and Belly Pain?

In order to relieve your bloating and belly pain, it’s important to understand what can trigger it. Factors such as imbalanced gut bacteria, stress, medications and even hormone imbalances can be potential triggers. Your body is home to trillions of microscopic organisms – bacteria, fungi, viruses, and other microbes that make up what is called […]

Is Your Gut Problem Causing Bone Loss?

Can Your Gut Microbes Affect Your Bone Health? Newly conducted research performed at Michigan State University and published in the journal Current Osteoporosis Reports reported finding the existence of a relationship between the health of your gut and the health of your bone. The report found that an imbalance of healthy (probiotic) and unhealthy gut […]